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Shower doors, tub and shower sliding doors, shower and tub enclosures are also available in the classic and value priced “framed” style. Framed shower doors are the smart choice for many bath remodeling projects. Available in a wide range of finishes and colors, a sliding framed shower door offers many updated design options in addition to being economical. GET A FRAMED SHOWER ENCLOSURE QUICK QUOTE!

A bathroom’s layout and size, the surrounding walls, and other structural nuisances are considered when determining the best shower door configuration. Generally, framed shower doors are supported on all sides and can be fabricated for any space. Usually, personal preference and the size of the bathroom determine if you install the doors as sliders (the door slides to allow entrance), or a pivoting door (the door swings out). GET A FREE QUICK QUOTE.




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Framed Shower Sliders with Kneewall

Sliding Framed Shower Door: Budget Friendly Option

Framed shower doors are made from tempered glass that is 1/4″ or 3/16″ thick. Glass options include clear – to showcase an unusual background or tile work, obscure – for those who prefer more privacy, and patterned – for an added design element and/or dressier obscure look.

Framed showers are available in a variety of plated moldings and (as with all showers) your choice of hardware finishes and styles. These options offer you the choice between having the frame stand out as a design feature or having it blend in with the background.

See photos of sliding framed shower door, semi-framed and custom frameless showers in our idea gallery.



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