Frameless Sliding Shower Doors – Elevated Design at a Good Price Point

Today’s frameless sliding shower doors (also known as semi-frameless shower doors)  styles are very dynamic. From classic to Gridscape, semi-frameless shower enclosures and doors add upscale flair to any bathroom. Semi-frameless sliders dramatically elevate a tub’s appearance. Unlike framed showers where all sides and doors are framed, a semi-frameless shower is framed on the top and sides only, the doors and glass corner angles are not framed – hence the term “semi-frameless”. In comparison, a frameless shower has minimal or no framing along the top, glass corner angles or doors. Available in many finishes, colors and glass styles, semi-frameless shower doors can be designed to suit a wide variety of budgets. Hire byRoman’s for frameless sliding shower door installation at your home in the Greater Philadelphia PA are.

Frameless Sliding Shower Door Installation

Semi-Frameless shower doors are made from tempered glass that is 1/4″ or 3/8″ thick. Glass options include clear – to showcase an unusual background or tile work, obscure for those who prefer more privacy, and patterned – which bring an additional design element into the room as well as more privacy. Semi-frameless showers use plated moldings that are available in a variety of finishes and colors. These finishes offer you the choice of using the frame as a design feature or having it blend-in and “disappear” into the background. Hire the experts for your frameless sliding shower door installation project!

See photos of semi-frameless, custom frameless and framed showers in our idea gallery.

Custom Framed Shower Door Installation Philadelphia
Custom Framed Shower Door Installers Philadelphia

Whether your project is simple and economical, or elaborate and luxurious – a one home remodel or a multi-unit install, you can rely on byRoman to be dependable and detail-oriented. We have the experience and the materials to get your project completed on time and on budget. GET A QUICK QUOTE!

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When choosing the handle styles, hardware finishes and glass style, you and your clients will be able to utilize the online tools built into our website and/or be shown actual samples on the day we measure. Within you can view photos of custom frameless, semi-frameless and framed showers and other projects via our idea and inspiration photo gallery, and submit your project’s specifications using our simple two step QUICK QUOTE form. You can also email your plans, send a link where your plans can be downloaded, or upload your plans 24/7 to our secure FTP site, CONTACT US for more information.