Replace Dated Dry Erase Boards with Sleek Glass

Glass boards byRoman are elegant, wipeable glass wall boards that are handsomely mounted and displayed for presentations, communication, reminders and ideas. They can be permanently imprinted or etched, and they can be written on (and cleanly erased) using a dry erase marker. They are the clear, aesthetically beautiful alternative to dated whiteboards and dry erase boards that stain, yellow and ghost. Sleek and simple in design they quite often elevate the look of the space they inhabit.

Glass Boards Complement Residential Spaces

byRoman is fabricating and installing Glass Boards in both homes and businesses. Home applications include kitchens, utility rooms, laundry rooms and other highly trafficked areas. If you are designing or remodeling a kitchen, think about recommending a small area of wall space be allotted for family communication via a GlassBoard byRoman. Offer your clients a way to cleanly display and maintain family reminders using our design-enhancing glass boards that will look great in their kitchen for many years to come.

Business and Commercial Uses for Glass Wallboards

Business uses for GlassBoards byRoman are endless. Image-conscience businesses and any business where clear written communication is paramount will benefit from the installation of GlassBoards byRoman. Meeting spaces, conference rooms, waiting rooms, greeting areas and hallways need to present clean signage and well-presented messages. See our photo gallery.

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Glass Board byRoman are manufactured in Pennsylvania from recycled glass and – unlike traditional white dry erase boards – they will never ghost, stain or yellow. Glass Board byRoman are aesthetically beautiful and they present written or printed communication clearly and neatly. The glass surface lets your wall color show through for a clean and savvy look that compliments any decor. If you prefer to accent your glass wallboard, or if your wall color isn’t conducive for reading what would be written (or printed) on the board, we can color the back of the glass board (or the wall). Glass Board byRoman are available in sizes ranging from 24″x36″ to 72″x36″ and 24″x42″ to 72″x42″ and sizes in between in 12″ increments. To find out more, read our Glass Boards byRoman FAQ. For additional information about this exciting innovative product, or to receive a free quote, contact byROMAN today.